An Award-Winning Future Urban-Living Idea

The yellow, black, white & multi-coloured Urban Container Showhouse displayed in front of Univ360 Place has won the prestigious award from the PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia) Awards this year, with its brilliant and artistic showroom concept. Created to inspire of what-could-be the future, the Container Showhouse can potentially be the next place of interest in Serdang. Visit Univ360 Place to experience the possibility of what the future has to offer and discover the 18 great compact living ideas.


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The general idea of using the shipping container to be converted as a habitable house is to promote a future urban living idea considering the issue of urbanisation, rising land prices, limited land space available, economy inflation, etc. The whole design consists of three shipping containers including two units of 40 footers and one unit of 20 footer. It challenges the limitation of space provided and habitual quality. Besides showcasing an experimental prototype in terms of architecture, we try to inculcate an art element into the space to stimulate the occupant’s senses while exploring the space. At the same time, we are trying to utilise the container housing prototype to share the thoughts of future urban living.


We recognised the constraint and limitation of space and accepted the challenge to design a home by reusing shipping containers for 4 pax. Other than providing basic living needs, the space inside is designed to be a flexible multipurpose space featuring an open concept.

All the interior furniture and fittings are designed specifically to utilise every inch available to fulfill the functionality and practicality of the space. The circulation of people inside the house was planned to explore every space available. For instance, the sofa can be converted into a bed while the wardrobe into a working desk.

The materials and colours applied are minimal and are selected to divide the space seamlessly to help the occupants to focus on the interior design and fittings, while exploring the space simultaneously.


The containers are necessarily built to withstand the rigorous of trans-oceanic cargo shipments. By carefully peeling away parts of the walls and floors, we bring in ample daylight and fresh air to invigorate the space.

Using soft & flexible materials as the main theme for the interior is in stark contrast to the container’s exterior hard metal shell, softening the space and providing creature comforts to its inhabitants. The acts of stretching, drawing together and tying of the fabrics also offer numerous possibilities depending on the configuration – hammocks, curtains, feature walls and storage pouches.

Taken together, this amorphous space which can satisfy varying functions while leaving room for playful experimentations, complimenting the other two concept houses.



This is a vision of “the smallest house” concept with only a 72 sqft. plinth showcasing the habitual quality of it. Using a 8.5′ x 8.5′ x 40′ shipping container with basic component such as kitchen, toilet, and a spiral staircase as a main circulation pathway on a ground level, with living space and bed-space above the ground level.

With the future rising house prices, smaller houses price will be twice than the conventional houses now but broken into smaller “chunks” hence, it is still affordable as a one conventional unit.

View & Download our Urban Container Showhouse Booklet.

Click here to read more on the PAM award.


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