Proud Owners Move Into The New Landmark of Bandar Baru Selayang

Selayang, 19 December 2016 – As you make your way through the growing township of Bandar Baru Selayang, you may find yourself struck by the impressive silhouette of F3 Capital’s newest completed project Selayang18 Residences. As with their other ventures, URBAN360, Dua Menjalara, and UNIV360 Place, Selayang18 is set to be the catalytic point in achieving a transformation of Selayang becoming a city. As of last month, new owners have been proudly collecting their keys and have begun creating a new space for themselves in this iconic development.

“Customer satisfaction is our key priority!” said F3 Capital’s CEO, Vignesh Naidu. “We strongly believe that there is no sense in becoming a market setter, unless we pioneer and bring about positive socio-economic transformation to the community and neighbourhood we develop.” he added, in conjunction with F3 Capital’s tagline ‘Breaking New Ground’.

At the helm of Selayang 18’s innovative architecture and landscape design are Alan Teh of Atelier Alan Teh Architect, and Khoo Eng Kee of Engky Design. Together, they have made Selayang18 a perfect marriage of the hard, clean edges of modern living with the soft curves of Bandar Baru Selayang.

Khoo Eng Kee and his team were recognised for their work on URBAN360 and were awarded the Honour Award for the Landscape Construction Awards in the 8th Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards 2015.

Alan Teh and his team clinched the prestigious 2016 Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) Commendation Award (for Commercial High Rise) for his innovative design of UNIV360 Place.

Many of Selayang18’s facilities capitalise on the rooftop and make use of the structure’s nooks and crannies such as the tree saplings planted on balcony spaces, miniature pools at the roof, and the hanging gardens on the fifth floor.

“More and more people are looking for spaces in the city that are tranquil and close to nature. Selayang 18 has the perfect view, positioned carefully to overlook the lush greenery and rolling hills of Bandar Baru Selayang. Urban living doesn’t have to mean living in a closed box.” said F3 Capital’s consulting architect, Alan Teh.

“When conceptualising Selayang18, we looked into how the space could be functional while still aesthetically pleasing. It is modern to fit the desires of an urban lifestyle and still incorporates nature to make it a space that you want to come home to – to refresh yourself,” Teh added.

Essential amenities such as the swimming pool, children’s playground, and gymnasium are strategically placed within the vicinity of each other. The gymnasium overlooks the pool whilst the playground is carefully placed in the corner of the fifth floor, a slight distance from the pool to ensure the safety of the children who enjoy it.

“We are envisioning this space to be used by families and young people; we wanted to build a space for community. By having these facilities within reach of each other, people will be able to meet and chat as they go about their activities,” said landscape architect Khoo Eng Kee of Engky Design.

Khoo’s firm worked hand in hand with Teh in incorporating the facilities with the building’s structure and design to ensure that it remains practical and green while still delivering an modern and refined feel. The official key handover to tenants began at the start of November 2016.

When Selayang18 entered the Bandar Baru Selayang community, it brought with it not just a change to the skyline, but numerous infrastructural improvements to the township. F3 Capital takes its responsibility as ‘New Ground Breakers’ and creators of Urban ‘Lifestyle and Beyond’ living. Apart from the development, they have also widened and repaved the main roads surrounding Selayang18, added handicap accessible walkways, enlarged existing drains for better drainages, installed LED street lightings that are energy efficient, a new traffic light, three new bus stands, softscape elements in landscape designs, new MPS signages on the roundabout, and boom gate dedicated specifically for Bomba services. The total cost of these upgrades amount to RM6mil.

Ever innovating, the real estate investment group focusing on property development, F3 Capital has embarked on a new campaign with the award–winning architect, Alan Teh. Together, they have created a habitable modern container house out of shipping containers with full furnishing, electricity power and plumbing as a nod to the future of urban living. The container house is made from three separated containers that are connected together and painted brightly by local artists. The Urban living container show house was built in consideration of the issue of urbanisation, rising land prices, limited lands available, economy inflation and many more associated factors. The container house can be visited at Selayang18 Shoplexes ground from now till February 2017. Once again, F3 Capital has demonstrated their dedication and willingness to participate in and adapt to the future of development in Malaysia.

For F3 Capital, the goal is transformation and bringing people an Urban Lifestyle and Beyond. They have become the catalyst that brings a breath of fresh air from the future to existing townships. With visionaries like Alan Teh and Khoo Eng Kee, behind their iconic structures, F3 Capital is set to change the meaning of “urban lifestyle.”

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